“But they told us that we have to appear in person to obtain the marriage license”

Welcome to our website and blog. This is something that we hear all of the time and if you called most of the Florida Clerk of the Court offices what they are telling you is the truth. However, through state approval and act of law, FloridaCountyClerk.com is authorized to serve as what the state of Florida refers to as “Marriage License Coordinators.” Our function is to help those couples who, for whatever reason cannot go to the clerk’s office in person. To these ends, we service an array of clients with unique needs that range from physical and mental disabilities, deployed military seeking to get married in Florida, people who are incarcerated, couples coming to Florida to get married, people from foreign lands, or simple local couples who due to other obligations cannot go in person to obtain their Florida Marriage License.

This is an amazing opportunity because the last thing many couples want to deal with is the hassle and time needed to apply for the Florida Marriage License. The service that we offer begins online by simply visiting our “Ready to Purchase” page on this site www.FloridaCountyClerk.com selecting the processing service that best fits your needs (60, 45, 30, or 2 weeks until the big day). Pay for the service then scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the “Marriage Application Form.” When filling out the form, please have your purchase receipt number handy as well as both of your Social Security numbers, you will need this information when filling out the form.

Please note: That you will enter your Social Security Number in the box marked “notes” that you  will find for both of the couple. We do this to ensure our client’s privacy.

Thank you for considering our services and congratulations…

-Dr. G

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