Getting Married in Prison

One of the most common calls we receive are from the fiance of an incarcerated person requesting information on obtaining the license since the incarcerated person cannot leave the facility to go to the county clerk to obtain the Florida Marriage License. It is important to remember, that once a person is sentenced to prison, he or she loses many of his or her rights. Among what is lost is the ability to decide when the wedding ceremony will take place.

The Process:

The process begins with connecting with the inmate’s social worker and it would also be a good idea to contact an attorney to ensure that all of Florida’s state’s laws, regulations, and policies are followed. For more information about the actual procedural rules click this link and it will bring you directly to the State of Florida’s rules for marrying an incarcerated person: . There is a great deal of information and the site should be able to answer most if not of your questions. In sum, letters have to be written to the facility’s warden requesting that he or she approve the marriage ceremony. In addition, the state of Florida requires that the inmate and his or her fiance submit to premarital counseling. There are also forms that must be completed and this is where having the advice of counsel becomes important because, if the inmate is in good standing, the person should not have an issue gaining approval from the facility.

Regarding Obtaining the Florida Marriage License For a Prison Wedding ceremony…

This is the most important aspect of this posting…DO NOT ORDER THE LICENSE FIRST! Even if you select our 60 day service, there is no guarantee that the facility and its leadership is going to approve the wedding ceremony. Florida Marriage License whether obtained in person or through a Marriage License By Mail service such as I does not refund for marriages that do not take place Therefore; it is critical that approval is first granted, an approved date set, and any other required arrangements are made before purchasing Marriage License Services.

With this said, under normal circumstances, most facilities will have no issue approving the wedding. Please keep in mind, that like other branches of government, the wheels turn slow and unless you are told by an authorized representative of the prison that the approval will occur on a certain date, be prepared (AND PATIENT) when sending in the request.

5 thoughts on “Getting Married in Prison”

  1. This article was very helpful. Sadly my fiance was arrested and sent to prison while we were planning our wedding. Knowing that there is a mechanism whereas we can legally get a Florida marriage license and then have the ceremony at the facility will make 2019 a great year! Thank you 🙂

  2. Thank you for this very valid information. My case is a long story but I’ll make it as short as possible. I am planning to marry my fiancé of 15 years (well you have to be sure😉) but I live in the UK and planning to stay here for the time being. We are going through the prison marriage process at the moment, form letters etc. But I need for sanity’s sake to know that when the time is right I am going to be able to obtain a marriage license. I understand it’s not something to do now but I just need reassurance that it can be done, without me having to travel the length and breath of the USA. Because of the distant they are going to be little more flexible on setting the date. I look forward to hearing from you.


  3. Hi Lynda…

    Thank you for contacting me…To rest your soul, the marriage license is not an issue. Is it your fiance that is incarcerated? Is he in the states? Keep in mind there is a legal process to obtain permission from a Florida facility in order to be approved for marriage. Once the process is complete, he is approved to marry, and you are ready to come to Florida it will be at that point that I will obtain the license for the two of you.

    Here are the rules and processes for getting the prison marriage approved:
    33-503.002 : Marriage of an Inmate While Incarcerated – Florida Administrative Rules, Law, Code, Register – FAC, FAR, eRulemaking
    Latest version of the final adopted rule presented in Florida Administrative Code (FAC):
    Please let me know if you have any other questions….


    -Dr. G

  4. Hello Dr. G, what county would the license be issued from. I don’t want to pay all this money and it’s not valid. How can I verify this is legit?

    1. Hi Ms. Givens…We are an approved “Marriage License Coordinator” approved by the Lake County Clerk of the Courts. We are authorized to expedite Florida Marriage Licenses by mail and you are always welcome to call the clerk’s office to verify Dr. Spencer L. Gaines at (352)253-2647 prior to ordering your marriage license processing services from us.

      We look forward to doing business with you and for you to become one of our vary satisfied clients – Dr. G

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