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lake county clerk Approved marriage license coordinator

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DISCLAIMER and WWW.WeddingLicenseFlorida are private enterprises that are authorized by the Lake County Clerk of the Court to provide Florida Marriage License by Mail services online to couples that do not have the time, ability, capacity, freedom, or desire to obtain their official state of Florida Marriage License. and WWW.WeddingLicenseFlorida are in no way a member or division of Lake County Florida or any other county clerk's office and is fully responsible for the services and products it officers.

Ordering Your Florida Marraige License Online is Easy

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who uses our services?

  • Couples where one or both live out of state and don't have the time to get to the county clerk's time before their wedding day
  • Military people that will be getting married in Florida but live out of state or who are deployed
  • Couples who live in Florida but do not live near a county clerk's office
  • Couples who live in Florida but are disabled
  • People who are hospitalized
  • Florida couples that live in Florida but their work schedules does not allow for time away from the job to obtain the wedding licence
  • Those who are incarcerated in a penitentiary in the Florida and are planning to get married while in prison 
  • Couples who live in other countries but are planning on comining to Florida to get married
  • Or, for any reason that would prevent the couple from obtaining the marriage license in person.

Florida Wedding Licenses without going to the county clerk

florida marriage license by mail
florida marriage license by mail clerk of court
florida wedding lic

Clerk Appointed Wedding Coordinator

FlorodaCountyClerk.Com is a unique service that eliminates the couples required need to be present  at a Florida Clerk of the Court office to obtain their marriage license. The reason for this is that our organization is one of only a few "Clerk Appointed  Wedding Coordinators" that are authorized by the state of Florida to service marriage license as expediters  in obtaining your official marriage license.





florida marriage license by mail
florida marriage license by mail clerk of court
florida wedding lic

About Us

Our organization has been involved with the wedding and event planning industry for over 30 years. For this reason, we understand the stress and issues related to preparing for your special day and it is for this reason that we have created a seamless process that is designed to ensure that the processing of your marriage will be correct, free from errors, and delivered to you as quickly as possible. 

florida marriage license by mail
florida marriage license by mail clerk of court
florida wedding lic

The Marriage License By Mail Process

The path to obtaining your marriage license by mail is simple and convenient.

The First Step: 

Is to complete the transaction by selecting the "Order Your License" button below. Once the transaction is complete copy the transaction number or write it down. 

The Second Step:

 Will be to complete the "Marriage License Registration Form" by clicking the button below marked "License registration." This is the form that you will also enter the purchase transaction number. 

The Third Step: 

Once these two stages are complete, you will receive a confirmation email with the rest of the process - and thank you for using our services. 


order your florida license by mail today

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